Friday/ fog

As the statistics tell us : it’s much safer to fly for two hours than to drive for two hours, and Thursday night proved that point.   On the drive home from Seatac airport I was half-asleep in the back when my taxi driver stirred with a fright and grabbed his phone.   Maybe he forgot to phone someone really important, I thought.   But no : he was dialing 911. There was a driver in a white car facing south on northbound I-5 in the shoulder lane.  So luckily she had managed to get to the shoulder – but man! how on earth did she manage to use the north-bound off-ramp to drive south?  Was the fog partly to blame? It really wasn’t that thick.  Anyway, there was nothing on the news, and there is nothing on the WSDOT blog, so I trust that she got help and that the situation was remedied.

IMG_0303 sm
This is late Thursday night.  We’re taxiing to Terminal A. Visibility was down to a 1/4 mile in some places due to low-lying fog.
IMG_0324 sm
This is early evening on Friday night. I am on the Denny Way bridge looking south at I-5. On Thursday night, a wrong-way driver had somehow entered the freeway driving south on the north-bound side (left on the picture).


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