Sunday/ frosty and sunny

IMG_0160 sm
Peeking out my front door early this morning.

It was frosty early this morning, but by 9 am the sun was already at it, melting the iciness.   The Pacific Northwest is escaping most of the arctic blast that is hitting the Midwest and East.

My bags are unpacked.  I like to ‘discover’ the silly little souvenirs that I bought again, as I unpack my luggage and find it in there.

IMG_0172 sm
Clockwise : porcelain art from Iceland (not sure what creature that is), London bone china mug from Harrods, bead-and-wire lion from South Africa, porcelain dinner bell from Munich, Lowenbrau beer coaster also from Munich. Nine lions in all, in the picture! Those Bavarian lions are more symbolic than the South African one, though.

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