Friday/ more Munich

Here is a selection of my pictures of walking around Munich, some from Thursday, and some from Friday.   Since I’ve been here before, I can enjoy the sights a little more and not feel I have to take hundreds of pictures!

IMG_0046 sm
‘Men in crisis’ says the Zeit newspaper on a lead article for the new year .. and that’s bad for women as well, notes the article. I did not read it in its entirety. (It’s hard work for me to read German).
IMG_9979 sm
A panorama picture of Odeonsplatz. I stood right in front of the Theatinerkirche and panned from left to right with my phone camera.
IMG_2394 sm
This movie theater at Sendlinger Tor square is 100 years old (OK, 101 years I guess – since it’s 2014!). Interesting that they seem to produce hand-painted posters for movies.
IMG_2391 sm
This is Marienplatz in the old town. I was in the bookstore on the 4th floor when the glockenspiel started (music, and the little guys in red start rotating and dancing).
IMG_2366 sm
This is in the Karlsplatz area; with the iconic twin towers of the Frauenkirche seen from the side.
IMG_2314 sm
This clock is inside the Deutches Museum complex.
IMG_2301 sm
The Deutches museum seen from afar. This is the river Isar. The water is shallow very clean; I could see the pebbles on the riverbed. Behind me is some islets in the river which were made into city parks.
IMG_2287 sm
This lion is at Odeonsplatz. Everyone passing by rubs the nose of the lion on the shield (which is why it’s buffed and shiny).
IMG_0024 sm
This cute cuckoo clock is from a store on Karlsplatz. (I want one!  It can be Oktoberfest all day long in my house.  Or will I go cuckoo with it? I may order one on-line and have it shipped to Seattle when I get back home).
IMG_0029 sm
This bookstore is on Marianplatz; has a gorgeous industrially designed staircase in its center.
IMG_2266 sm
This is close the the University U-bahn station, a war memorial. The figure with the four lions on top reminds me of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin (which I have not been to). The BB gate has four horses, though.
IMG_2274 sm
Ludwigskirche : a church close to the same university (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), on Ludwigstrasse.


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