Wednesday/ at JNB airport, Munich bound

IMG_9917 sm
This is the Airbus 340-600 that took us from Cape Town to Johannesburg (a 2 hr flight).
IMG_9928 sm
Here’a a panoramic view from the lounge at Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo International airport. ┬áThe Qantas airplane in the distance will fly to Perth (flight time just under 11 hrs) or to Sydney (just over 14 hrs).

I am at Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo airport. I have to wait a few hours for my flight to Munich. We leave tonight, and I fly just about due north, so hopefully I will get a few hours sleep.

The flight is scheduled for an early morning arrival there, and they may not have a room for an early check-in for me at the hotel .. in which case I will feel compelled to use the time to wander around in the city for a few hours!

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