Tuesday/ the V&A Waterfront

v&a wfront map
The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula, and offers restaurants, shops, hotels, condominiums, the Two Oceans Acquarium to visitors.
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We’re at the south western most point in Africa, but the South Pole is still 6131 km (3,809 miles) away. The North Quay warehouse in the background has been there for a long time, but the Ferris wheel in the lower right corner is new.
IMG_9901 sm
Ferrymans is a pub and the revelry this afternoon had a Octoberfest-ish quality to it with a loud lively band and lots of beer served up in the beer tent.  P.S.  Check out the Santa and the little snow-flake decals in the window, the images of snow clashing with the blazing African sun.
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The clock tower used to be red, but now it is yellow. Why? It signifies the implementation of the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 initiative. It is basically a call for design projects that are dedicated to using design for social, cultural and economic development.
IMG_2199 sm
Here is the Two Oceans Aquarium mascot (a seal? a SEAL*?) walking around in the V&A waterfront mall. *United States Navy SEAL
IMG_9892 sm
Beautiful wire-and-bead artwork for sale in a shop at the V& A waterfront.

My brother’s family and I ran out to the Victoria & Alfred waterfront in Cape Town this afternoon.  We spent some time at a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition.  It consisted of wood constructions of his designs, and electronic displays of his anatomy drawings and of the Mona Lisa* and The Last Supper.  Then we had a beer and fish and chips at Ferrymans pub to bid 2013 good-bye.

*Of course : the real Mona Lisa was still safely ensconced in the Louvre!

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