Sunday/ the house that Portchie built

Stellenbosch artist ‘Portchie’ (49) at one of his paintings. [Picture from website].
IMG_9871 SM
Here is the house. The price tag is a secret. It is not ugly, but it towers somewhat over its surroundings.  I assume the louvred panels slide into the walls to reveal window panes. And the main entrance is a very odd form : very narrow and very tall. Why is that?

There is a flap over an enormous house and art studio that is nearing completion here in Stellenbosch, one being built for a local – very successful – artist that goes by the name Portchie (real name Jan Hendrik Viljoen).  The local taxpayer association contends it is too big and that the style does not fit in with its surroundings.   ‘Wait until it’s done’ says the artist, and ‘One cannot please everyone’.


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