Saturday/ book stores and coffee

IMG_9855 sm
I love this picture, taken from a children’s book by artist Philip de Vos. The lion was taking a nap, and is opening one eye to answer a question from the zebra.  The zebra had inquired about a magical tree called Bojabi.  The tree bears mangoes, melons and pomegranates.

It rained this morning and so Marlien and I went to check out some book stores and to have coffee. I can buy books here off the shelf that I would still not be able to get through Amazon in the USA : those from local publishers, or those in Afrikaans.   (There is a South African website that offer these for sale on-line, though.  They will ship it overseas, but of course at an additional cost, and it takes 6 to 8 weeks).

IMG_9859 sm
There are no Starbuckses in South Africa, but plenty of coffee shops. The Vida e Caffe franchise is one that is well represented in the Western Cape.


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