Saturday/ at Heathrow airport

IMG_9777 sm
We are ready for take-off in our Iceland Air 757-200. Check out the golden yellow engine and their logo on the wingtip. I’m sitting in A9, by the window and getting squished by the protrusion of the aircraft’s door. Luckily there was another seat available for me that I could switch to.

I am at London-Heathrow airport’s Terminal 1, a little bleary-eyed.  It sounds great in theory to have a hotel room to catch a full night’s sleep but then there is jet lag, and rowdy young Icelanders at all hours outside the hotel at a popular all-night hot dog stand.  Were they celebrating the winter solstice? I wondered.  Or just a Friday night celebration?   With the daylight time so short, the distinctions of evening, night time and morning are completely blurred. Even so, I did get a few hours of sleep in a very comfortable bed.  Then at 5 am, I went downstairs to check out and get on the bus that picked me up.

IMG_9765 sm
Keflavik International Airport at 6 am this morning. It’s a formidable fort-like structure, and I am sure I it is able to withstand a lot of snow and cold blustery weather.
IMG_9784 sm
We’re arriving in London’s Heathrow airport. It’s just under three hours to London, from Reykjavik.


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