Thursday/ clear and cold

We get to go home on Thursday nights instead of on Fridays the next few weeks : a welcome change in the travel schedule. The snow had stopped here in Denver by Thursday morning.  It was difficult to get around, though, and took an hour’s drive out to the airport (normally under 30 mins).  The roads are not completely clear of snow and ice, and we left later in the afternoon. Our driver is from Casablanca in Morocco, and speaks his English with a French accent.  (French and Arabic are the major languages in Morocco).

Late Thursday night update :  We thought we were settled in and ready to go, but no. The captain announced that there’s a slight amount of smoke in the cockpit, from some electrical fault.  We’re going to leave the airplane and fine another one.  So we boarded the second plane, but then it still had to be de-iced, which took another 20 minutes (I’m not complaining, I’m just saying!).  It was midnight by the time I made it in.

IMG_9530 sm
Downtown Seattle is aglow as we come in to land .. there’s Century Link Field stadium (the purple), home of the Seahawks (NFL) and the Sounders (soccer team); the yellow vessel on the water is a ferry, the white circle on the water’s edge is a Ferris wheel, and the Space Needle is on the left edge of the picture.
IMG_9516 sm
This is 9 pm at Denver airport. I’ve settled into my seat for a second time. It’s far too cold for the ice and snow to melt, of course.
IMG_9513 sm
Four of us are bundled into a ‘black taxi’ and on the way to Denver airport. This is 4.30 pm in the afternoon.

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