Friday/ Jet A for that up, up and away

IMG_9349 sm
It’s Friday 5 pm Denver time and I just took my seat on the Airbus 320 that will take us to Seattle. The truck that’s just visible over the engine belongs to Air Service International Group. They provide ground services such as refueling airplanes.

Jet A is jet fuel : the stuff that modern jet airplanes burn in their engines.  Jet A specification fuel has been used in the United States since the 1950s.  In the rest of the world Jet A-1 is used. Wikipedia says the primary difference is the freezing point : Jet A’s is −40 °C (−40 °F), Jet A-1’s is −47 °C (−53 °F). There is also Jet B which is a fuel in the naphtha-kerosene region, a blend of 30% kerosene and 70% gasoline, with a freezing point of −60 °C (−76 °F).  It is for use in very cold temperatures (those expeditions to Antarctica?).

Anyway : my project team compadres and I were very happy to go home after a long week of reviews that were well received.   A project such as ours at this stage is at an inflection point : the team has to report back to the sponsors and show what has been designed, and what the system will cost to construct.   And they might just say : Whoa! That’s too much, we cannot let you go forward.  But we are OK and should get the green light to go ahead.

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