Monday/ made it in

IMG_9309 sm
Good to go : my view from seat A1 on the Denver-bound United 737-900 at gate A12 at Seattle airport at 6 am this morning.

I got to wake up more than an hour later this Monday morning, since I was on the 6.40 am flight to Denver instead of the 5.15 am*.  Even so, I ended up almost missing this later flight. The taxi driver showed up very late at my house, and that ate up all 20 mins of the spare wait time I allowed before boarding.  But there I was, sitting on the plane at 6 am watching the light rain come down, and shortly after that we were on the way to Denver.

*The 5.15 am flight was cancelled due to a shortage of planes that made it to the West coast on Sunday night. There was a large storm system making its way through the Midwest on Sunday.

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