Wednesday/ Wells Fargo in Denver

Wells Fargo became my bank after my home mortgage had ended up with them some 10 years ago. (This was after the initial mortgage that had been issued had changed hands 3 or 4 times between short-term mortgage brokers.  I am very sure all of this was unnecessary, and symptoms of the US real estate bubble of 2007).   The bank has been around a long time, founded during the California gold rush in 1852.  It survived the collapse of the California banking system in 1855, and hey – it also survived the US financial crisis of 2008.  It is Warren Buffett’s favorite bank and getting ever larger (which is not necessarily a good thing!).  It has assets of $1.44 trillion and deposits of $1.01 trillion.   It’s difficult to comprehend how much money that is!

IMG_8508 sm
This is the inside of an enormous atrium in the downtown Wells Fargo center that I sit in and have lunch sometimes. It is known locally as the ‘Cash Register Building’. It is 698 feet (213 m) high, the third tallest building in Denver.
IMG_8821 sm
A teller’s daily cash book from 51 years ago, from a little museum exhibit here in the Wells Fargo bank in downtown Denver.

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