Tuesday/ will cooler heads prevail?

Soo .. how is the USA today?  Well : never mind that it’s day #8 of the US Government shutdown.   1.   The debt ceiling deadline is approaching.  Will we breach it? What will that do?  Here’s erstwhile large animal veterinarian Ted Yoho, now a Tea Party congressman from Florida weighing in today : ‘I think, personally, it [not raising the debt ceiling], would bring stability to the world markets’, since they would be assured that the United States had moved decisively to curb its debt.    2.   There’s a story on the front page of the USA today of a 9-year old boy that slipped through three layers of airport security, and got onto an airplane from Minneapolis to Las Vegas.  How was that possible?  3.  The new $100 bills are officially out.  Over lunch time I actually went to the giant branch of Wells Fargo Bank to see if they have the newly designed $100 bill for me to trade for an old one. (No.  Maybe by Christmas, said the teller).

IMG_8826 sm
Here’s the cover page of the USA Today.

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