Sunday/ crab cakes and oysters

My friendDungeness and colleague Gus arrived in Seattle for a few days of work here this week, and invited me out to lunch today. Since it was a blue sky sunny day, we picked the Seattle downtown waterfront to go to and ended up at Elliot’s Oyster House on Pier 56.  Hey! We can order Oyster Rockefeller, said Gus.  I did not know that’s a baked (or broiled) oyster.  It’s quite good. (I’m too squeamish to eat raw oyster).  We also ordered Dungeness crab cakes.  I learned something new about the Dungeness crab as well. They are named after Dungeness, a small coastal community right here in Washington State.

IMG_8785 sm
Here are the Dungeness crab cakes ..
IMG_8784 2sm
.. and these are the ‘Oysters Rockefeller’ : oysters on the half-shell that have been topped with other ingredients and then baked or broiled. These had butter, bacon and a hollandaise sauce on.

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