Saturday/ Oblivion

OblivionI took out the DVD for the recent sci-fi flick ‘Oblivion’, and we watched it on Saturday night.  I would have to agree with the ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ website that says its consensus is that the film is ‘visually striking but thinly scripted’.   I have trouble latching onto any Tom Cruise character emotionally anyway, but I he did a good job to carry the movie.   I see the film was shot in the summer in Iceland, so the spectacular scenery of black lava rock and snow is actually real and not visual effects.   It is hard to say what is real and what is not in movies nowadays!

Here is Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) in what Wikipedia describes as ‘the single most difficult scene to film in the entire movie’ : when Harper takes a break to admire the view and waters a flower; it was filmed by having Cruise sit next to a 800-foot (250 meters) drop at the top of Iceland’s Earl’s Peak, which is only accessible by helicopter.

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