Tuesday Oct 1

IMG_8762 sm
We had a team dinner at the Ace restaurant here in downtown Denver. They serve pan-Asian food. My beautiful dinner plate has some spicy peanuts on but was actually upside down as I took the picture.  I cannot read Chinese characters, but at least I can tell when they are upside down!

(So the United States government has shut down at midnight last night, and ‘Obamacare’ is open for registration).

Here on the oil company project in Denver we are keeping our heads down and working away to complete the design phase of the project.  The PwC project manager came into my office today with two ‘new’ PwC members in tow, introducing them just by name.  After I greeted them, I asked :‘And what will you guys do on the project?’ not disrespectfully; but in a chummy kind of way.  Oh, said the project manager, Ryan is the quality assurance partner and Reed is the client partner for the project.  ‘Ah, very good’, I said, feeling a little awkward that I was so informal with them. Oh well – how was I to know, is that not right?

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