Sunday/ a break in the rain

So fall* is officially here!  It was supposed to rain on Saturday in the city but it didn’t .. we did get some rain on Sunday.   When it stopped, I was ready to get out of the house for a bit, and went for a walk on 19th Ave.   *We say fall in the USA and Canada, elsewhere it is autumn!

IMG_8578 sm
The Kingfish Cafe on 19th Ave is not open on Sundays, but made for a nice picture after the rain.  There is a new apartment building on its right that is nearing completion (but the Kingfish Cafe was much more interesting to me as picture taking material). 
IMG_8582 sm
A little ‘Take-a-Toy-or-leave-a-Toy’ sidewalk site on 19th Ave.  (I didn’t take the toy; there wasn’t any). The little toy one leaves would have to be weatherproof since it’s exposed to the elements!
IMG_8585 sm
The school year has started and this sign has been posted on 19th Ave across from Stevens Elementary School. 
IMG_8586 sm
Go Hawks means Go Seahawks .. the city’s football team. They are off to a good start with wins over the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars in the opening games of the season.

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