Thursday/ at DIA

IMG_8532 sm
A bright new apartment complex in the downtown area. 
IMG_8539 sm
Ski resorts in the mountains in Denver open in November .. this is the Hertz car rental shuttle bus at the airport.
IMG_8546 sm
The taxi is about to drop me off at the United check-in counters so that I can drop my bag. Check out the iconic tent roof of the airport. Confession : I’m not a total fan of the look of it.
IMG_8551 sm
Here’s a close-up of the beams and connectors that keep the sail of the roof in place. The new construction may simply be a new parking garage at the airport; I’m not sure.

DIA stands for Denver International Airport. Back in the ’90s when the newly opened airport had trouble with the baggage carousels, a sarcastic newspaper heading read : ‘DIA is DOA’. I did not get a rental car for this trip – so it was great to just sit back in the taxi.  It’s been a blue sky and cool weather week; a welcome respite for the Boulder residents that have to clean up after the flooding.


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