Wednesday/ another hump day

IMG_7930 sm
The Georgetown Brewing Co. is located just south of downtown Seattle. I see they signed their homepage ‘Manny and Roger’. Manny must be the Manny in Manny’s Pale Ale, and then Roger is the pilsner guy.

Here’s my coaster that matches the beer I had Wednesday night with my amigos in the Columbia City neighborhood.  (No, I did not win the jackpot.  So I will keep my job, write my blog and count my many blessings with regards to health and friends and family).   Check out the GEICO commercial with the camel roaming the cubicles, asking everyone if they know what day it is.

Hump Day
‘Guess what day it is? asks the camel. ‘It’s hump day’, replies Julie in a quiet, resigned voice without looking up.


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