Tuesday/ astronomical odds for a fortune

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Here is what a Powerball lottery ticket in Washington State looks like.  I don’t know what that 1 in 31.8 odds prize is, but it can’t be much ($100?)
Here is how the odds stack up (against you). The table shows how many ‘white ball’ numbers should match the winning number. Of course, for the Grand Prize, all six numbers and the red ‘power ball’ must match !
The Powerball web page. Not all states participate, but many do. Check out the ‘Current Estimated Jackpot’ at $425 million.

Whoah. The Powerball jackpot drawing of this Wednesday is up to a staggering $ 425 (Four-Hundred-and-Twenty-Five) million bucks.  So have I bought a ticket?  You betcha!  Ok, I know I should not have, right?   But I was curious to see what a ticket looks like.  (And besides : previous times when jackpot fever had broken out here in the USA, I always seemed to be out of the country, or found myself in the wrong State, one that does not participate in the jackpot).

The odds of winning the Grand Prize is truly astronomical. Since the sun is about 92 million miles from earth, the odds of winning is similar to one mile against the distance from Earth to the sun and back.

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