Sunday/ packing up for the ‘Salt’ mine

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Let me decode this Capitol Hill bar chalkboard for non-local and non-bar fly readers! That’s Montana at the top, ‘happy hour’ means the drinks are cheaper (it makes the clientele happy/ get happy quicker); Rainier is a mountain and a cheap beer*; a well drink means you don’t specify the brand of liquor for your cocktail, so it’s also the cheapest stuff they have (so don’t order a well drink!); and a pickleback is a shot of whiskey thrown back in one’s throat followed by a pickle (supposedly the salt neutralizes the taste of the whiskey and the burn of the alcohol. Oh boy). *[From Wikipedia] In 2004, a black bear received substantial media attention for having consumed 36 cans of Rainier beer in Baker Lake. Washington.
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I squeezed it all in : clothes on the right, and two pairs of shoes and a toiletry bag on the left. It helps that I don’t have to pack fancy clothes (no suit and tie and not even a sports jacket). And there’s Willem’s New Baggage Rule : NO FOOD allowed in the suitcase, and absolutely NO CHOCOLATE.













I took a walk late Sunday afternoon and then had to pack since I’m heading out to the ‘salt mine’ in Salt Lake City again in the morning.  I am pressing a new suitcase into service that I have actually had for a long time, bought it at a sale. Part of the reason for the new suitcase is that I had a melt-down in my suitcase last Thursday while the rental car was parked in the sun all day with our luggage.  I tucked a whole slab of chocolate into the side of the suitcase – and of course it was no match for the inferno in the car’s trunk.  It liquefied and stained several items of clothing.  (I got most of the stains out to my surprise. I used club soda to rinse it, scrubbed it as best I could, and then used Tide detergent and my washing machine’s ‘extra hot’ sanitary cycle).

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Here is another picture I took of the Montana bar on Capitol Hill; the pink neon sign in the window that is Montana.

Monday/ Correction re: chalkboard : it’s Montana.  I said Washington State. Thanks to Bryan for pointing that out.  I was not paying attention! There is no jagged Puget Sound coastline in this outline.

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  1. Washington at the top!?! Steve (and the people of Montana) will be disappointed in your decoding.

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