Tuesday/ it’s hot hot hot

IMG_7678 sm
Starbuck’s Utah issue coffee mug. That’s The Arch from Arches National Park on the left, and the Utah state capitol in the middle.
IMG_7675 sm
I had just stepped into the terminal at Salt Lake City airport on Monday. The Delta birds’ dark blue and red tails really stand out against the sky and the tarmac of Salt Lake City airport.

Monday saw 107°F (42°C) where we work out in the deserty area by the Great Salt Lake, reported my colleagues when I met them at the hotel on Monday night.  A very far cry from the opposite extreme of -8°F (-22°C) when I was here in the dead of winter! Today (Tuesday) was a little less scorching, but the mountains were still shimmering in the heat, not high enough to carry any snow at all at this time of year.

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