Tuesday/ in the English Channel

At this position in the English Channel (about 8 pm on Tue night) we’re positioned on top of the Chunnel, which runs from Calais in France to Folkstone in England.
IMG_7596 sm
The string quartet down below in the main lobby of the ship is playing music, seemingly oblivious of the balloons above them. I think the balloons will be let down later tonight as a final hurrah. Tomorrow night (Wed) is all about packing up and getting ready to disembark very early Thursday morning.

We’re in the English Channel, or shall I simply say The Channel, so as not to offend the French too much who may equally claim the name to be La Manche.  (The French term has been in use for a longer time than the English one, actually).  We’re heading toward the port of Le Havre in the north of France.  I’m signed up for a long bus ride to Omaha Beach where the famous Normandy landings in World War II happened.

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  1. Wow, hard to believe your trip is almost over. I see you will be in Le Havre (which means “The Harbor”…not to be confused with my birth place, Havre, Montana!). Le Havre was bombed heavily in the war. Have fun your last day and see you soon back in Seattle.

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