Wednesday/ Liverpool & Wales

We arrived in Liverpool this morning, and set out for Conway (Welsh: Conwy) castle in north Wales out after breakfast.  I was thrilled to get to see some of Wales, since I have family connections on my mom’s side that come from Wales.  The castle was built by King Edward I circa 1283 (!) and gives a good impression of what a real castle looked like.   The castle had many rooms, some with fireplaces, the walls covered with tapestries for additional insulation, some very deep wells, kitchen, dining room, even a retreat for the king when he tired of his rowdy guests.   After Conway the bus driver took us to a village called Betws-y-Coed (that’s Welsh, English for Chapel-in-the-Woods) for lunch.  Then we went a little further south across the moors of Wales with the landscape dotted with sheep, and back up to Liverpool.  There was still time to walk around Albert Dock, check out its nice new Maritime Museum and the Museum of Liverpool (which of course featured The Beatles, and the two English Premier League soccer teams of Liverpool and Everton).

P.S.  I made a photo collage of some of the day’s highlights so that I have to upload only one picture.  I hope it gives an impression of the day.  The ship’s satellite internet connection is very expensive and very temperamental !

Wales Jul03
Main Picture : the view from one of the upper walls down into Conway Castle. Inset pictures clockwise from top left : a Liverpooler welcoming us as we stepped onto Albert Dock on the waterfront; a stamp with the Welsh dragon that I bought at the post office (where I heard Welsh being spoken); The Knight Shop is by the castle and sells beautiful decorative swords for £200; the Welsh dragon on a tour bus; ‘No dogs’ look very strange written in Welsh!; a Scottish black-face sheep on a mug; my souvenir coaster saying Wales / Cymru (Welsh); look for Liverpool on the left of my picture – the blue arrow points to Conway on the coast of north Wales.

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  1. Good idea for the collage of photos. Wales is beautiful. Did you know it is the home of Tom Jones? Looks like your next entry might be from Belfast!

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