Thursday/ the Farm Bill failed

Soo .. on this Thursday the Miami HeatIMG_7146 sm got their second straight NBA Championship, the Dow Jones takes a 2.3% hit and : the Farm Bill fails unexpectedly in the House of Representatives.  The Farm Bill has been around since the Great Depression and the New Deal in various forms, and is not just about farms.  It is the primary agricultural and food policy tool of the US Federal Government.  It outlays spending of a trillion dollars over the next 10 years.  Why did it fail? Oh so many reasons why. It’s worth noting the White House signaled it would veto it in its current form anyway, had it passed.  The cuts in the allocated money for food stamps was too much.   I will leave it up to the pros at the Washington Post to explain the rest of the politics.  This was supposed to be a bill with broad partisan support, though. It now looks as if this Congress is not capable of passing any legislation whatsoever.  That pending immigration reform bill?  Best to forget about it.

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