Tuesday/ went for a walk

IMG_7123 sm
This chatty polka-dot piggy and his (her?) sleepy rodent friend were on a porch right next to the sidewalk on 13th Ave.

It’s summertime, and today was very pleasant and mild outside.  There were rain showers in the forecast, but there were certainly none here where I live in the city. The sun sets after 9pm, which means I can have my dinner and still go out for a walk.   (I am supposed to make it out to the gym, but what a production it is to get one’s kit together, get down there, work out, and all that.  I will go tomorrow!).

IMG_7126 sm
One more picture from tonight’s walk.  This building houses the Canterbury Ale & Eats (see the Tudor style trim above the doors and windows?), and is located on 15th Ave here on Capitol Hill.  

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