Friday/ to Seattle

IMG_7067 sm
Here’s a cool trick with Delta’s app : use the phone camera to scan your copy of the bag tag. It shows if the bag made it onto your flight (and if not, which later flight it is on).
IMG_7048 sm
Here’s our arrival at Minneapolis/St Paul airport.
IMG_7054 sm
I love the giant moose at the Minnesota souvenir store.
IMG_7074 sm
And here’s our Boeing 757 flying machine with Lake Washington and the SR520 bridge in the background, approaching Seattle-Tacoma airport.

I was a little worried about my checked bag that I had to leave at Pittsburgh airport last night after changing my flights to Seattle at the last minute, but I discovered that Delta’s smartphone app lets one scan the bag tag (the sticker you get when you check the bag) to determine its location : pretty neat.   So the bag was pulled last night from my original Pittsburgh-Minneapolis flight and put on the one this morning.   The airport at Minneapolis was crowded, with lots of families traveling. The US airlines expect the most fliers in five years for 2013 – but not quite reaching the all-time high volume of some 217 million travelers that flew in 2007, the industry’s high point.

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