Friday/ to Seattle

It was another very early start to the day for me with a 6.30 am flight out of Pittsburgh airport.  I almost did not make it onto the flight.  The check-in area was swamped with people when I got there at 5 am.  I just had to drop my bag at United, but there was no bag-drop line. So by 5.45 am I was still in line and I yelled as politely as I could ‘Ma’am! I’m on the 6-30 to Chicago!’ .  That got me to the front to dump my bag and I was off to the security line.  Mercifully my return flight was marked ‘TSA Pre’ as well, so I could scoot through there in a few minutes and make a dash for the gate.

Here’s the obligatory picture of the colorful underpass between Terminal B and Terminal C at Chicago O’Hare airport.
IMG_6934 sm
The dinosaur skeleton at gate B8 is peering down at the humans waiting to board the flight to Seattle. It’s a fibre-glass replica of the 40-foot-high, 75-foot-brachiosaurus that roamed around in Colorado 150 million years ago. The real bones are in the Field Museum in Chicago.
IMG_6930 sm
Here is our Seattle-bound Boeing 737.
IMG_6931 sm
And here is the iconic Space Needle on the display at the boarding gate. 4 1/2 hours to Seattle : a long way to go.

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