Monday/ TSA ‘Pre’ and Cranberry

It was a shock to my system to roll out of bed at 3.30 am after a fitful few hours of sleep to get ready for my 6 am flight out to Chicago and then on to Pittsburgh.  It helped that I was selected for ‘TSA Pre’ treatment at the airport.  ‘TSA Pre’ is a program for frequent travelers that allows them entry into a special lane at the security checkpoint.  The traveler gets to keep on shoes and jacket, and liquids and computers in the bag.  Wow!  But don’t get too spoiled!  It will not happen every time even if you travel a lot.

IMG_6895 sm
My United Airlines boarding pass says I am ‘TSA Pre’. (Short for pre-checked. You have to opt in, and already be enrolled in a pre-check program such as Global Entry and use a participating airline.   And even then, selection is random and not guaranteed every time ! ).
IMG_6897 sm
Here’s my cranberry-colored Prius hybrid rental car that I drove up to Cranberry Township (a 30 min drive north of Pittsburgh).

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