Saturday/ the Seattle Central Library

It’s been many years since I had been inside the Seattle Central Library on 4th Avenue, and today I went there, also in search of a 1967 Time-Life Sciences book.  (The book is long out of print and has pictures of an Einsteinian ‘relativistic’ train robbery in that I am very fond of.)   Alas, I did not find the book, but I took some pictures.  The library opened in 2004 to mixed reviews, some criticizing it for being relatively isolated from 4th Ave and 5th Ave and not easy to get into and out of .. but its current usage is actually double of what was estimated when it opened.   

IMG_6764 sm
The side view of the library (the back) on 5th Ave in Seattle’s downtown.
IMG_6779 sm
This is the 7th floor where I was hoping to find my book.   This book of city scapes was on display and had a nice picture in of Cape Town, South Africa. 
IMG_6782 sm
Here I am making my way up with the neon yellow-green escalator up to the 10th floor.
IMG_6786 sm
Some library souvenirs for you? The studious rubber duckies are cute.
IMG_6795 sm
This video art work is on the escalator between the 3rd and 5th floors. It’s a little creepy – but then I suppose that’s what the artist wanted it to be?
IMG_6793 sm
Here is the view from the 5th floor down to the ‘commons area’ on the 3rd floor.

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