Tuesday/ not a trick question

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What is the longest floating bridge in the world? asks the metal tile.
SR520 Floating Bridge
The State Route 520 floating bridge is more than 7,580 feet long and has been in operation around since 1963. Currently a newer, bigger bridge is under construction for a whopping $4.65 billion, scheduled to open in 2015.

This metal tile that I found under my feet while  I was at the Westlake Center plaza in downtown Seattle, poses a question.  It is one that a Seattle resident should be able to answer (or at least guess) easily : What is the longest floating bridge in the world? (Side comment .. shouldn’t the question have said ‘WHERE is the longest floating bridge in the world?). Answer : In Seattle, of course. Well, between Seattle and Redmond. So that the Microsofties can get across Lake Washington.  Here is a post I made long ago  SR 520 showing what a cross-section of the bridge will look like once the renovations and expansion to it is complete, scheduled for 2015.

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