Sunday/ Denny Substation and its utilidor

I learned a new word while listening to a discussion of the Denny Substation’s progress on the city council’s web site : there will be a utilidor for the station.   Utilidor is short for utility corridor (really just a utility tunnel, to carry cabling and to house equipment underground).  There’s not much to see behind the Denny Substation Project site yet .. right now they are scooping up the top two to four feet of soil to clean up oil and grime from the old Greyhound bus station maintenance facility.   It’s still a ways to 2016 when the substation will be complete.

IMG_6689 sm
The sign on the fence at the Denny Substation Project site. I like the symbols for the substation and transmission (at the bottom).  Transmission lines are the high-voltage lines from the power plant to the substation.  But the lightning bolt for ‘Distribution’ from substation to homes is a little off .. it should have been one of those wooden poles with a cluster of drum-shaped transformers, not?

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