Friday/ Olive 8 is back

The picture is from Thursday.  I am standing on the corner of 7th Ave and Olive Way. I had just left the Vessel bar/ watering hole where I had a beer with a few colleagues after work.  The ‘Olive 8’ condo tower still has 5 units left, but it seems like the opportunity to snap up a condo on the cheap from the distressed developer has now come and gone. The building was completed in 2009, and one bedroom condos typically listed for $500,000.  One condo for sale on the property website Zillow had been sold in Nov 2010 for $328,000, probably by the developer to a speculator.   The listing price (it’s a one bed, one bath condo) is now back up to $495,000.

IMG_6687 sm
On the left is the still-new Olive 8 condo building on Olive Way and 8th Ave in downtown Seattle, outlined against the afternoon’s clear sky.

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