Wednesday/ the New Yorker Strongbox

Got something confidential that you want to send to ‘The New Yorker’ magazine for publication.. but you want to remain completely anonymous?  To do that, previously there was the mailing address of the magazine (1925), later joined by a phone number (1928) and much later by an e-mail address (1998).  But e-mail addresses and the location of the computer from where it was sent is traceable and not good for super-secret communications.  So now in 2013 there is the ‘Strongbox’ on the Tor network.  Check out the steps below .. I am no encryption expert but it looks pretty cloak-and-dagger, spy-versus-spy super-secret to me!   On the upside The New Yorker cannot divulge their confidential sources to say, the FBI .. but on the downside : they cannot verify the authenticity of the material easily, either.


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