Tuesday/ Grave of the Fireflies

I watched an animated movie called ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ from Ghibli studios last night – because the cover had a quote from movie critic Roger Ebert that said it belonged on a list of the 10 best war movies of all time.   Well, I did not quite know what to expect, but it was harrowing to watch.  This is not a feel-good pop-cultury Pixar movie.  To me the message was ‘War is brutal, and its consequences show no compassion to defenseless people’ (such as children).

Grave of the Fireflies
One of the happier scenes from the movie. Seita has to take care of his little sister Setsuko after they lost their parents in the aftermath of World War II.
Movie critic Roger Ebert’s comment on the Rotten Tomatoes website. (Roger Ebert passed away earlier this year).

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