Friday/ blue sky

We have a high-pressure cell hovering over us this weekend – keeping the clouds of the jet-stream away, and giving us a beautiful clear blue sky* and warmer temperatures (70’s º F/ 20’s ºC).

*And just why is the sky blue? Because of Rayleigh scattering.  In plain English, the molecules of the earth’s atmosphere scatter the shorter wavelengths of light from the sun more than the longer ones, and the human eye sees the blue.  If our eyes were more sensitive to violet light, the sky would have been violet.  When the sun sets, the scattering of the red color wavelengths become more predominant, and we see red and pink).

IMG_6577 sm
The Seaboard building with Friday’s blue sky behind it. Constructed in 1910 as offices, the upper floors have now been turned into condominiums for people that like to live right in the city.
Here’s a Google street view photo (same building on the left). After work I walked up Pike St (center of the picture) to catch one of the buses on the right that stopped by the white arches of the Convention Center in the distance, to take me to my home on Capitol Hill.

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