Sunday/ King Street Station is new again

I had time on Sunday to swing by King Street station just south of downtown Seattle.  The station was originally constructed in 1906 but recently renovated inside and out.  Wikipedia says it has Italianate architecture and Beaux-Arts architecture (OK! so now I know what that looks like as well).  The station is a stop on the Amtrak Cascades route that runs along the Cascade Mountains on its east, up from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver in Canada.

Amtrak Cascades
Amtrak’s Cascades route is named for the mountain range on its east (when the train runs northbound).
IMG_1_8606 sm
King Street Station with the Amtrak track that brings the trains to it. Downtown Seattle is in the background.
IMG_2_8607 sm
A closer look. I love the copper trim on the awning.
IMG_3_8590 sm
This ceiling is upstairs, when one has entered through the main doors on Jackson street.
IMG_4_8591 sm
The main waiting room. The Amtrak train has actually just arrived from the south. It stops only for a few minutes, so I was too late to run outside and catch a better glimpse of it!
IMG_41_8593 sm
A beautiful inside corner with doors going to the streets and taxi stand.
IMG_42_8594 sm
A close look at the lamp fixtures and little mosaic tile trim on the wall.
IMG_43_8604 sm
This is the pedestrian overpass with the Amtrak track coming in from the south. Century Link field is home to the Seahawks (football team).
IMG_44_8603 sm
More plate cut-out artwork on the pedestrian overpass, showing the connection Seattle has with Japan.


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