Friday/ Amazon Fresh in Jet City

Here are two pictures from Friday.  I took the bus the the gym and back late afternoon (nice not to deal with the crush of traffic downtown).  There was still some sun left after that, and so I walked down to Broadway (the main out-and-about street here in Capital Hill) to see what’s going on there.

IMG_6535 sm
Here’s the opposite direction No 43 bus across from where I was waiting. Jet City on the sign is Seattle (Boeing being the ‘jet’), and seeing ‘Johannesburg’ jolted my memory of all the times our family would drive out there to visit my grandparents. The town where I grew up is just about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.
IMG_6541 sm
And here’s an ‘amazon fresh’ truck that I walked by. They are still not a very common sight, and offer service only in limited areas in Seattle. One can order groceries as well as complete meals from restaurants.

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