Tuesday/ coffee made this way and that

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‘Balanced and nutty’ all in the same package. Can I be balanced and nutty at the same time as well?
WSJ Making Coffee
The Wall Street Journal shows six ways to make coffee. There’s one more that I use (I guess it doesn’t count as ‘brewing’) : packets of microground coffee bean that you empty in the cup and pour water on. Voila! No mess, no fuss.


There are so many ways to make one’s cup of joe in the morning – or at any other time of day.  I like the medium roast from Starbucks and I have a drip coffee maker, but it’s really difficult to make exactly one cup of drip coffee (which is of course why some of the other methods were invented.  See Wall Street Journal’s diagram that explains it all).  Starbucks CEO and coffee czar Howard Schultz uses a French press for his coffee.

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