Monday/ there’s a tiger in my stamp

IMG_8524 sm
The ‘Save Vanishing Species’ stamps with Amul tiger cubs on.
And here’s a neat picture I found on Facebook (looks like it was originally from Galera News Agency) .. see if you can spot the cat in the picture. Hint : it is a leopard.

(The heading is a play on the 1970s advertising hall-of-fame slogan from the Esso gasoline commercials that said ‘there’s a tiger in my tank’).  The stamps to save some vanishing species such as the tiger are not new; they were issued in 2011 already.  But they were the nicest ones the post office had when I sent out something in a bubble envelope, and I couldn’t resist.  (The tiger figure is part of my very limited animal figure collection).  Scientists are closing in on their ability to bring extinct species back, though – even ice age mammals like the woolly mammoth.  I fear the way it’s going now the poor creatures will have no ice, of course.

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