Friday/ the Great Wheel

My brother from California is visiting just for a day or so, and Friday night we went to the waterfront even though the weather was a little rainy.   Why not try out the ‘Great Wheel’? I suggested.   The Ferris wheel has enclosed gondolas, 42 of them – exactly because of Seattle’s weather.  We got to sit in gondola no 1.   It says up to 8 people can fit into a gondola, but that would be a tight fit, was our impression.   The ride is not for people with vertigo, or with claustrophobia !

photo (5) sm
The view from the pier.
photo sm
We’re almost at the top, and here is the view from inside the gondola of the Ferris Wheel.  Look for the Space Needle, a white sliver .. and the days of the Alaskan viaduct (double decker highway in the foreground) are counted. The tunnel boring machine for its replacement with a tunnel, has just arrived in the port of Seattle from Japan, and the boring of the tunnel will soon start.
photo (3) sm
This is a view of the wheel from the ground.


photo (2) sm
A view towards the center of the wheel, while we’re in the gondola.
photo (1) sm
This is the view towards the south. The blue is the stadium of the Seahawks (foot ball). The baseball stadium is close by. The plans for a THIRD stadium, for the proposed buyout of the Sacramento Kings basket ball team, is in front of the NBA commissioner. Sacramento has plans of their own to build a new stadium for the team, so they may not come to Seattle after all.


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