Thursday/ yikes, it’s a landslide

Map of the area on Whidbey Island where there was a massive landslide [Graphic by Mark Nowlin, for the Seattle Times]

Early on Wednesday morning, a 1000-foot-wide section of the hillside on the west side of central Whidbey Island here in the greater Seattle area fell off into Admiralty Bay.   Check out the link below from the Seattle Times for a full report and an amazing split-screen before-and-after picture.  Only one house was completely destroyed, with thankfully no injuries or loss of life – but 17 others have been evacuated .. and of course there is concern now about the stability of the whole area immediately around the slide site as well.

Also from the Seattle Times, an aerial view of the landslide. It looks like the ‘end of the world’ said one news reporter on the ground there, looking out toward the newly created ‘cliff’.


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