Friday/ another one bites the dust

(Even though we do not have a whole lot of dust in Seattle and secondly, I do not mean to say I am unsympathetic to the cute B&O Espresso building’s demise).   The B&O Espresso building is making place for a new 6-story mixed-use building after a 37-year run at the corner of Belmont and Olive here in Capitol Hill.  The dessert cafe’s owners  Majed and Jane Lukatah has relocated to Ballard for now, but intends to open up shop again at this same place in 2014.  Was the building historic, and should it have been preserved?  I am not sure.  I just trust the new building that will take its place will fit in with its surroundings – and will have some architectural character to show, even if it is brand new.

Here’s what the B&O espresso building used to look like .. photo from the blog at
IMG_6036 sm
And here is what is going on there right now .. it sure did not take long to tear down all of the construction ! Look for the locomotive sign on the fence – indicating that all is not completely lost for the B&O Espresso, that it will come back in the new building, I assume?

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