Sunday/ hug the tree

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Protect the tree! says the green sign taped to it. And someone added a little blanket to the tree as well. Yes, we are a bunch of tree huggers in Seattle !
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The Capitol Court apartments right next to the construction site is only a few years old. This is on 19th Ave in Capitol Hill.

It was nice enough today at 46 °F (8 °C) to go for a walk just before the sun set at 5.37 pm, and that’s what I did.  My Capitol Hill neighborhood has a lot of apartments due to extensive construction early in the 1900s through the 1950s – and right now several new ones are under construction as well.   Average studio apartments here now goes for $1,200 per month,nyc-rents one-bedrooms for $1,500 p.m. and two-bedrooms for $1,950.  Not cheap, but hey – we’re not San Francisco or New York City. Check out the New York City apartment map from below from

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