Sunday/ Seattle’s stadiums

Sunday was a beautiful blue-sky day.  I went with my friends Bryan and Paul to the 50th Seattle RV* show in CenturyLink Field stadium (home of the Seattle Seahawks football team, and also the Seattle Sounders soccer team).  Nearby is Safeco Field, home of the  Seattle Mariners baseball team.  These two stadiums are in SoDo (South of Downtown) and maybe there will be a third one in a few years.  The Seattle Sonics basket ball team may come back to the city, and may get a new $490 million stadium even though there is the KeyArena stadium in downtown that they could use.  (Pictures of the proposed new basketball stadium here

*Recreational Vehicle, also called motor homes sometimes

IMG_5299 sm
We just stepped off the train at the Stadium Station. This is Safeco Field, the Seattle Mariners’ baseball stadium with a retractable roof.
IMG_5303 sm
The Seattle Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field stadium is on the left. The tall black building is Columbia Center, the city’s tallest at 76 floors.
IMG_5354 sm
Here is the King Street train station’s tower again (I posted a picture the other day), with the city’s skyline as seen from the south.


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