Saturday/ Snohomish antique stores

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The restored Oxford Saloon front in the main street of Snohomish houses a restaurant but is undergoing renovations inside.
Seattle to Snoohmish
The town of Snohomish is about 30 miles north of Seattle.
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One of a dozen or so antique stores in the main street. Antique stores typically have spaces inside for exhibitors (vendors) to set up their own displays.
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The World’s Fair Edition of the Seattle Times (April 8, 1962) had a whopping 380 pages !
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A beautiful mechanical street clock on the main street.
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I love the colors in this Texaco gas sign.
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For the serious collector only : a Victorian age diorama.
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Will this winged cupid lamp post fit somewhere in my house? Should I spend $1,195 on it? (No).
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A set of eight 1962 World’s Fair shot glasses goes for $199.

My friends Bill and Dave and I drove out to the town of Snohomish today to get some lunch and to go check out the antique stores in the historical downtown.

Some of the antique stores are very large, with several floors of spaces for dozens of sellers displaying their wares.  Everything from porcelain, crystal, books, art, advertising signs, clocks, collectible cards, figurines, toys and even clothes such as mink coats, is on display.



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You don’t have to spend big bucks to come away with something cute such as this vintage poster for Champion spark plugs.


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