Monday/ Forever Stamps?

‘All first-class stamps will soon be ‘Forever’ stamps*’ said the guy at the postal services store here on 15th Ave.   Yes, but will stamps be forever?  I suppose so.  We haven’t gotten rid of paper money – or of paper in the office yet, have we?  Congress is supposed to take up legislation this year to improve the dire straits the Postal Service finds itself in.

*Forever Stamps are first-class stamps issued by the United States Postal Service with no explicit postage noted. So stamps are valid ‘forever’ even if the first-class postage rate goes up in future years,

IMG_7852 sm
This year’s ‘Forever’ 2013 Year of the Snake stamps.  I see firecrackers, but no snakes on the stamps (boos to the stamp designer from me!).  At least there is a cool snake design lurking in the background.
Mail volumes continue to decline, so more red ink at the United States Postal Service. A First-Class postage stamp now costs 46c a penny more than last year.  Why doesn’t the Postal Service just raise the stamp by 10c or even more?  They cannot increase it by more than the inflation rate, by law.

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