Sunday/ the Giant Squid on Discovery

Discovery channel’s documentary about the successful attempt to videotape a giant squid deep in the ocean aired last night here in the USA.  It was quite an undertaking, as documented an this article on (link below).  The article points out that that’s not all — there is evidence of a squid even bigger than the giant squid out there, called the colossal squid. Whoah.  How little we know about the deep sea.

GiantSquid Facts
Here are some facts about the giant squid.
And this is a still shot from the first video ever taken of a live giant squid deep in the ocean about 2,000 m (6,000 ft) down, captured in July 2012. (In 2006 one was videotaped by Japanese scientists on the surface of the ocean as it took bait that was dangled from a ship).

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