Friday/ Seattle’s 5th Avenue

I took the bus downtown to 5th Ave to hand in my passport for an expedited replacement. I was almost late (you make an appointment), since the office moved 6 blocks and I did not know that beforehand. And inside the Department of Homeland Security does an airport-like security screening, but with guards with guns and dogs and all.  Pretty intimidating, even though they were very friendly.  Weird that these measures ‘protecting our freedom’ actually makes it feel as if you do not have any in there.   Anyway, up on the 6th floor the agent – paging through my fully stamped passport with two sets of added pages – was impressed with all my business travel, and said ‘Wow. Do you not feel like retiring yet?’. ‘Oh, of course I do’, I replied, but I have to work at least ten more years’.

IMG_4967 sm
My OneBusAway app shows up-to-the-minute information about buses in Seattle. My bus is No 43, and it is 2 minutes late to the stop. NOW means you have to run (‘Run Forrest Run!’*) since the bus is approaching the stop, or already there. *A reference to Forrest Gump the movie
IMG_4968 sm
And here it comes. I WOULD have gotten a perfect shot, had the stupid tree not jumped in front of me at the last second ! : )
IMG_4989 sm
Making my way down 5th Ave, with the obligatory shot of the Seattle Library on the right.
IMG_4987 sm
The YWCA building is at 1118 Fifth Ave is 100 years old ! (completed in 1913).
IMG_4993 sm
The King County Administration building with its hexagaonal honeycomb theme in its walls and windows was built in 1971.
IMG_4997 sm
Still on 5th Ave, but I’m now making my way back from Yesler Way where the passport offices are. That’s the Mars Hill church in the foreground.  (The sun is making a spirited attempt to break through the clouds, its light reflecting off the buildings).
IMG_4996 sm
These copper leaves in the sidewalk are part of the Homeless Remembrance Project of Seattle to remember people who have died while homeless in King County.  This is outside the Seattle Municipal Court on 5th Ave.




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