Tuesday/ a below zero start to 2013

I finally got over a bad cold I had and was well enough to fly out to Utah for my project on Monday night.  Speaking of cold, the Salt Lake City area is off to a chilly start for 2013.  Even the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper says so.  Temperatures here have yet to rise above freezing (32°F) since the start of the year.  It does look like it will happen on Wednesday – but only to dip down to an estimated 13°F (-11°C) on Thursday night.

Forecaset for Ogden, Utah
Temperatures are in °F !  Check out the conversion below. 
19 °F is  7 °C below zero
34 °F is   1°C
26 °F is  3 °C below zero
35 °F is   2°C
13 °F is  11°C below zero
20 °F is   7°C below zero

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